Our Promise
• Commitment in delivery

• Guarantee the quality of candidates we sent

• Knowing where are the pool of candidates

• Make sure a smooth interview process in between

• Fully cooperated with client during the offering stage

• 24 x 7 Support services

• On going follow on every single candidate with offer even on board for the first few months
Our Services
• There should have no replacement of candidates needed

• Reference check channels not only limited to the referees provided by candidates but our own resources

• Provide the up to day income proof when request
Our Service Standard
From Customer, clear expectation, timely response for 1st delivery, interview feedback in between, cooperation in package negotiation and offering are the keen areas we need to focus;

• Expect a JD from Client with clear direction of role & responsibility

• Feedback from Client after the 1st delivery within 3 days

• Hopefully all phone and F-T-F interviews can be done within 1.5 months the most

• Final decision can be made within days after the final round

• Work together on the offering stage

• Asking the candidates to be on board as soon as possible
Our Coverage
• Supporting teams in the region can be set up in a short period of time

• Location cover in major cities..Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shengzheng,etc

• 2nd & 3rd line cities as mentioned before

• Signal point of contact in Shanghai

• Details information can also be reflected in the weekly progress report if necessary
Address: 上海市淮海东路99号恒积大厦7楼P座。
7/P,99 Huai Hai Dong Road,Heng Ji Building,Shanghai,PRC.
PostalCode: 200021
Telephone: 86-21-53835599

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